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Welcome to Nerdstrategy, where we as Gamers, Cosplayers, Comic Book Readers, Casual Readers, Movie Goers, Otaku's, etc, want to share are thoughts and what's going on with you. While we are a small group we plan on having lots of stuff for you. On the right will be our editor's choice of stuff. On the lower part of the Page you can find our facebook links and what we plan on having done soon. As we now mainly foucs on our Youtube Channel, please link and subscribe as we put out new stuff on a weekly baises.

Written Stuff

Kingdom Hearts Drop Dream Distance (3DS)

Remember Me (Xbox 360)

See the schedule on the right to find out what we plan on having done soon.

Unjustice: Gods Among Us Review

Craft Foam Tutorial

"Arrow to the knee" an inside look into the history